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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  February 1, 2015 8:00am-8:31am EST

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iscreet underwear. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because, hey, pee happens. our worst fears realized. one of those taliban members released just caught trying to reconnect with the taliban. is this more proof letting these bad guys go is a real threat to our safety and our economy? hi, everyone i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." here they are. welcome to everybody. releasing prisoners from gitmo putting our lives and livelihoods at risk? >> yes. there is precedent for this the
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president is an ideologue. when you talk about closing guantanamo bay that is a problem. these five prisoners released reached out to the taliban and will be on the battlefield when the year is up in qatar. when prisoners were released from there that created the leadership of isis. what harm has isis caused? what are you going to do with the prisoners down there? what if you capture more prisoners on the battlefield? i don't think guantanamo bay is the best place to have this prison? there is not a supermax prison to help local communities. there is no plan here. it's another 30,000 proof idea. this one can cost american lives. >> first of all there is a
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supermax facility in colorado that is currently housing one of the transferred prisoners from guantanamo, so we actually do have a facility. the reason they are not being transferred because transfers are being stopped by republicans in congress who didn't want them to go to a full trial. the full trial is part of the principle that makes this country great. we don't just lock people up all the time. the biggest problem with guantanamo and keeping it open, it is a recruitment tool for terrorists in the middle east. the fact that america continues to operate this facility is one of the biggest recruitment tools they have. don't take my word for it. that came from the first overseeing general from the facility itself. it must be closed. people need to be working with the president and put combat in terrorism first. >> we didn't have gitmo before 9/11. >> i don't know what we thought these guys were going to do when they got out. while being detained, did they have a come to jesus moment and come out and bake cookies and help the poor? they are criminals.
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they oversaw mass killings. these people should not be let go at all if you ask me. we should arrest people no questions asked if they harm americans. they are supposed to be being watched. obviously they are not because they are going back preparing for the second they have freedom they are out back to their own ways. this went wrong. this shouldn't have happened the way it did. >> hold on a minute, emily. you argue jonas if we let them go, it's just like letting prisoners go in the united states. oftentimes they go back and commit crimes. >> i don't want to sound like an attorney. when we let anybody out of jail some will do more crimes. if we never let people out of jail we would all be safer. at some point you've got to let people out of prison. now there are other things to do, track them, know who they are calling, put chips in them. i don't know what. there's got to be something
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better than clocking away $3 million a year per person in the caribbean. >> out the front door gitmo, into the back door of terrorism again. their aim is to kill americans. >> i agree with you. i want to take issue with one thing jonas said. that's not the way america is. i think we have the highest incarceration percentage of any country out there. note to sound like an aclu lawyer, but we have a lot of people in prison. at some point we've got to let them out. your point is when prisoners get let out, are they going to create more terrorist action. is that harmful than the other guy let out of a normal prison who just goes and robs a liquor store? of course there is. there are two issues. one, closing the gitmo issue. the other is releasing the prisoners. in that respect i kind of agree with emily and john, i suppose. i don't think these prisoners should be released, but i don't think we should have gitmo. i think we can move them to a
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maximum security prison whether we build one or use an existing one here. i come at it purely from economics. it costs each prisoner about $2.6 million a year. that's a lot of money. in a maximum prison security it's only $70,000 a year. economics, let's close gitmo and move the prisoners to some facility that maybe even creates jobs and leave more here. i do think majority should remain locked up. >> john, the issue here is the way they are trying to close gitmo is by releasing the terrorists who can possibly go back to where they came from and start again. >> this is a ridiculous idea. it's our foreign policy. we withdraw and the president say we left a sovereign and stable iraq. isis was their jv team. they were anything but and iraq is anything but foreign and
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stable. our foreign policy is an absolute disaster. i don't think any rational person would disagree. you talk about releasing these prisoners to have an empty prison? there are 45 black list prisons, not on anybody's radar screen in afghanistan and iraq alone. are you going to house them there so we don't see them? it's like our drone policy. we can kill people without a trial or due process and that's okay? the supermax prisons do not have the ability to take them. there is to the a transfer right now that is on the table. i am for that. i am for moving this somewhere else for economic reasons. to say guantanamo bay helped spurred isis is as naive a point as you could have. >> tracy is the cost of closing gitmo better than not? >> so this is the only time i think cost should be irrelevant. the safety of americans should come first. until we have a plan b, we suck up the cost. this is exactly why we have to
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get our budget under control for times like this where we may have to occur extra expense for the safety of the people. gary will tell me i'm bananas here. >> i am not but i can't believe -- do you know how many prisoners are in gitmo? 122. are we saying we can't find 122 slots in a maximum security prison? that doesn't sound right to me. >> of those already there, about 40 have been cleared for transfer. we talk about transferring them out. he would a majority are getting transferred to other prison facilities in other countries. once those transfers do happen, talk about the economics of it. that cost for prisoner is going to go up to $5.7 million. >> why would you want that? they should be on an island being shot to mars right now. they shouldn't even be with our criminals. they are beyond that.
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we don't want them here. isn't that the point? that's why we started this place in the first place. >> that has to be the last word. thanks guys. cavuto on business in 20 minutes. what have gout? imagine an irs agent letting you know you qualified for a huge tax break. it would never happen right? think about this. why is the government ordering immigration agents to let illegals know how they can stay in america? and a new plan to scrap the gas tax. sounds good right? wait till you hear how they want to replace it. thanks neil. up first, the president's brand-new budget coming out monday full of new freebies. you know handouts aren't free. how much would these cost you?
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i'm kelly wright. back to "bulls and bears." mitt romney may not be running for president, but his message that big government isn't working may be more important than ever as the president rolls out his new budget monday full of more handouts from billion bucks to central america to free preschool and free community college here. vp joe biden is talking about free four-year degrees. can we afford more freebies? >> no we cannot afford any more years of this kind of spending. this kind of government for a variety of reasons. one, i take issue with the
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freebie part. there is nothing free in government. this doesn't magically create two extra years of community college if we want to do something like that, the money's got to come from the taxpayers. that's my number one issue. number two issue, i love how all these things are like obama is willie wonka passing out golden tickets. there are no facts or studies saying an extra two years or free two years of community college is going to help anyone and benefit society. pay for four years of college? oh my gosh, we can't afford that. four years of college is not right for everyone. all these ideas are dumb and don't make economic sense. if you can spread the goodwill around with freebies, it's great. >> emily what about you? >> very clear. what the president is doing is drawing a line in the sand. he is saying i tried to come to you. i've come to bring both sides
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together and work together. it is not working. i am drawing a line in the sand saying america needs to be built out from the middle. it has not been working the policies have not been working. no you we need to be forward looking. in that bill is working on infrastructure. we have crumbling infrastructure people are seeing every day, but we have not been taking the responsibility to move it forward. the president is saying we have to be forward-looking. middle class out first. >> tracy, we had six years. the rich are richer, the poor are poorer. >> and whose policies were they of the last couple of years? the president himself. all he is trying to do is set the democratic party up to be the party of we give it all away. anything you want is yours. vote for us because we'll struggle in the polls. they are attempting to set the republican party up as the evil we'll take it from you and keep it a notch their party. this budget is not going to pass. there is going to be so much fight and they'll waste more
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time because this country needs them to get to work. all we are going to do is butt heads on a budget that is going to go nowhere because the suggestions are useless. >> doesn't it come down to more government or less government? >> that is exactly what it comes down to. the reason the president draws a line in the sand is because it's he's why i to scratch out and easy to erase. with syria he drew that hard line in the sand. wait, let's erase that line. this is all politics. the latest gdp number came in 2.6. one reason it was down because government spending had slowed. the president does not want to see that. he wants to see his legacy. this is what this is all about. you cut out this $78 billion he wants to put in that's going to cost some gdp and cost some jobs, whether we need it or not doesn't matter. it will help the economy short term. future has to pay forth 20. 21 back to running $3 billion deficit. >> the president argues this will create jobs. this will help our economy.
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>> it will create community college jobs. to be fair, this president likes to pay for stuff. he doesn't have no plan. he always has tax revenue piece tied to this health care thing. if he had to do it by executive order, he would tighten the thumb screws on the rich to pay for this that doesn't mean it's good to do that. i'm saying that's how it would get paid for. in general, we don't need spending to go up faster than inflation every year. specific to this community college thing, that may not cost taxpayers money because if these same kids are currently borrowing money to go to questionable for-profit schools and will not pay back on their loan and now will get a free community college ride, that may not cost anybody anything. this is stuff we would do if you vote democrat in two years. >> gary b? >> whether it's community college or fixing the roads, it's always people in government trying to act like the oracle of
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delphi thinking if i spend the money here it will help. they never have background data, no research or anything. it's like when they argued, if we cut those unemployment benefits, it's going to be catastrophic. what happened? more people went back to work. it was the exact opposite of what would happen. that's why i'm reluctant to take my hard-earned dollars and your hard-earned dollars and give it to the government to spend on their silly ideas. >> that's the last word. thanks, guys. coming up on "cashin in," what do you have coming up? >> yes to spotters of the muslim brotherhood. is our government priorities out of whack? a new study blaming walmart and other big box retailers for obesity in america. is the opposite true? >> we'll be watching. up here first -- ahead of the
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super bowl the super measles outbreak. how it may break the bank.
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ahead of super bowl sunday a super measles outbreak. as many as 1,000 people in arizona where the super bowl will be played tomorrow may have been exposed to the virus. we saw disneyland hit with it last month, now more cases popping up across america. the cost of managing an outbreak of this size could come with a
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super price tag. tracy, you say this cost could have all been avoided. >> vaccinate these kids. don't let them in school until they are. there was a study in 2014 of cases that broke out in 2011. 107 cases cost anywhere from $2.7 to $5.3 million back in 2011. you know it's more today. the vaccine works. let people have it. the whole autism thing i think is debunked between jenny mccarthy and the doctor from austin, texas. vaccinate your kids. >> it really is a lot cheaper to pay for vaccinations than to pay for these outbreaks. a lot of the payments are coming from cash-strapped local government. >> sure. up until now i think this felt like a very personal decision for a lot of people because there wasn't or didn't feel like there was a real risk of outbreak. this is one of those interesting places where we come full circle
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politically right? they felt like it was a very personal choice for them. i guess a lot of people are calculating this differently now they see there are real risks of this spreading. >> you think this vaccination should be mandatory? >> yes. i didn't feel comfortable wearing a seat belt when the law was first put into form years ago. now i wouldn't think about it. polio was supposed to be a trillion dollar disease. it's been eradicated through prevention. if we can force people to drive the speed limit we can force people to get health insurance, we can force people to get these vaccinations if they work and they're safe. this is massive amount of money saved through prevention. >> we have no clue how expensive this is going to be because we don't know how fast it's going to spread. >> right. we don't know how ridiculous people have been with their children. the speed limit, you can't say because of my faith i'm allowed to speed.
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okay. your religion says you can speed. i can't believe the federal government didn't step over this years ago. obama said you have to pay a fine if you don't get health insurance. that's legal. and the federal government should say you have to get vaccines. this is ridiculous parents and locals get to make these decisions. this is everybody's health. >> emily made a good point about libertarians having the right to choose. i, in this case think the government should do the choosing. i put one of the main responsibilities as national defense. protecting ourselves from enemies from viruses, whatever. this can be a deadly virus measles. i think the government, if people can't afford to pay for vaccinations, which they should be mandatory as john said i think the government should step in. this is the only time i might say the government should pay for it. i think prevention here and it falls under that whole dome of
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protecting our shores, if you will. this is where the government should act. >> in marin county where houses are $18 million there is a high percentage of people that didn't do this. this isn't can't afford the $27 vaccine. >> then it should be mandatory. >> right. thanks, guys and thank you for emily for joining us. get your game day gear on right now. for the "bulls and bears" super bowl. the twiceguys name the winning team and the stocks that win with them. they've never been wrong about picking the football champs, not once.
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get this guaranteed winners in our "bulls and bears" super bowl predictions. john you're up first. >> two awesome football teams are going to play tomorrow and sunday. i'm going with the patriots to win their fourth super bowl. my stock pick boston scientific up 15%. >> gary b., who do you like? >> i think seattle takes the air out of the patriots. get it? costco up 50% in two years. >> cheaters always win. patriots. azpn. >> patriots.
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i'm going with john brady. >> i'm going with the seahawks. our quarter is coming up. let's look at the team again. t brady. >> i'm going with the seahawks. our quarter is coming up. let's look at the team again. o brady. >> i'm going with the seahawks. our quarter is coming up. let's look at the team again. m brady. >> i'm going with the seahawks. our quarter is coming up. let's look at the team again. forget whether this guy is using deflated balls. this guy has massive ones. i'm neil cavuto. welcome. cuba's president raul castro's message to america pay up. demanding cash for past damages and demanding we close up shop at guantanamo bay and pay up for the cleanup while we are at it, if we want any deal. we have our own messages. what do you make of this? >> i guess we've emboldened the


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